Painting to make my wildest dreams come true

Norwich born illustrator and painter of fun quirky designs for you, your friends and the cat! Driven by the love of interactive creative community and Manchester's art scene. Creator of custom illustrative treats for your amusement, expect pet portraits, playful revenge and immense girl power 

A collection of Tits - Available as Postcard or Print 

A collection of Tits - Available as Postcard or Print 


Inspired by a world full of independent, creative and mesmerising people that surround me everyday, I paint pro-YOU super fun and laughable and relatable content. My designs are based on events and conversations in the long grueling process of SELF LOVE and this thing called Adulting. It's a tough journey of self worth, real life troubles and dramas mixed with a touch of humour. Going through a process of mindfulness and somewhat channeling my inner Frida Kahlo - I am rapidly painting and sewing my way out of depression and anxiety into a new ambitious and exciting chapter of my life. 

And honestly all this combined makes great potential for a cracking comedy TV show

My products range from greeting cards, postcards and notebooks to cushions with my illustrations and paintings. I also make Catnip Joytoys for your fur baes and paint custom portraits. My greeting cards are especially designed to nudge you to reach out and give cards for absolutely any occasion, its so important to let people know you care and are thinking of them.  

I'm always super excited to create and make new colourful motivational designs and paintings that is reflective of my personality and have found it has opened up gateways to meet inspirational people within the creative community, in a big city that originally terrified me.

I love doing art fairs and stalls, I aim to create a visual display to make you laugh and put a smile on your face and create conversation. The future for me would be to hold maker workshops and talks, and the overall life dream is to have a cafe of my own to hold such events, including supporting and selling the work of uprising and independent makers. 

A former Visual Studies graduate from Norwich University College of the Arts (previously Norwich School of Art and Design) 

Based in Manchester, UK 

Art Battle Manchester X - 6th May 2017  Photo Credit Richard Crisp 

Art Battle Manchester X - 6th May 2017  Photo Credit Richard Crisp 

Through the passion of painting and creating quirky fun designs, it’s opened up gateways to a whole world of opportunity and friendships
— And I'm super thankful

What I've Achieved

  • Member of SWALK creative art collective
  • Competitor of Art Battle Manchester X
  • Commissions with Modern Caterer, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, as part of the Andy Warhol dinner
  • Portraits for Bruntwood, Women in Science and Industry campaign  
  • Merchandise for Manchester's Girl Gang 
  • Regular vendor at Makers Market and local Manchester markets
  • Competitor and Exhibition with Overdrawn at Deaf Institute Manchester
  • Etsy Manchester Team Leader
  • Host for Incolourful Company Manchester 
  • Bee in the City artist 
  • Tiger Mural for Magma Manchester 



  • BA Hons Visual Studies, Norwich University College of the Arts (Formally Norwich School of Art and Design)
  • BTEC National Dipolma in Fine Art, Norwich City College 
  • AS Level Photography - Hewett School, Norwich