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"“Grab ‘em by the pussy.” It’s probably one of the most famous lines in contemporary politics, which really does depress us. But Manchester-based artist Nicola Fernandes is cheering us up *and* has ensured POTUS receives a taste of his own medicine by filling her uncanny illustrated cushions with catnip. What could be more satisfying than seeing your beloved feline batting about the head of one of the world’s most blatantly sexist humans in a catnip-induced daze? They’re also available as pin cushions if you don’t have a set of cat claws at home. Nicola’s got all kinds of brilliantly feminist bits and pieces in her collection"

Article by Daisy Jackson, Emerald Street Email



Manchester based artist creating illustrative treats for you, your friends and the cat! Feminist, comedian, event organiser and overall creative girl boss. 

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